Things Obsessed

My husband, bless his heart, is a man who can become OCD. He is a man who always has to be doing something. He is currently working on his doctorate degree in nursing. He is a Nurse Practitioner. He also has a degree in funeral directing…because, well…he wanted one. He likes to be in school. He likes to be constantly doing homework or researching or doing something. The running joke in our house is that everytime we take a vacation (or he has time off of work) he enrolls in something. Last time he was off for a bit, he enrolled in the doctoral program. It’s a bit daunting, working full time as he does, taking on this course load. This semester he has to student teach and he was supposed to teach an actual class (at the request of one of his professors who thought he would be an excellent teacher-his goal when done with school). However, that paid job didn’t come through, which I think is a blessing. His time will be already stretched to the max with what he has, and add to that our daughter going off to college this semester (and what I plan on being bi-weekly weekend visits to her) and our son at home, well…time is going to be precious and hard fought for.

So this vacation, there was nothing to enroll in. However…there is always something to obsess over. He often finds himself stuck in Wikipedia loops where he goes from one page to another, stuck in a rabbit hole of information that started on as one thing and winds up as something totally separate. It takes up a good afternoon. And he absorbs much information to be used at a later date.

The newest obsession? His family tree. He has a copy of his family tree going back several generations to when his great-great something-something came over from England. It’s a great story, one that he wants to me to write up in a possible book. Which I will. When I am good and ready (not when told to do so…because honestly, TELLING me to so something is like pushing the ‘off’ button…ain’t ever gonna happen that way…just so ya know). ANYWAYS….he has become obsessed with finding out the stories of these people…his ancestors….the who, the what, the why….it really got bad when he told me we should go the Sheffield, England to explore his family tree some more. (after he sent an email to the Sheffield historian office asking for information).

It’s almost like he can’t let his mind just go…just zone out, not think of anything. Something I can do with wild abandon. I can sit in my chair, zones out and quiet and suddenly ask him weird questions like if a satellite fell from space and landed in the ocean would it make a wave big enough to sink a ship? Because my mind can wander and think up stories and do writerish things. Him? Not sure his mind can just wander off. It’s need purpose and direction and focus. I guess I should be grateful that one of us can do that. Because it will never be me.

I wish I could find his ‘off’ button, but I don’t think he’d like it. Just to be free flowing. Un-obsessed. And really, when I think about it, I’m not sure I’d like him un-obsessed. It’s who he is. The thinker. The doer. The man I married.

So Happy Anniversary, My Mr. OCD. It’s been a fun ride so far. Let’s see where we go from here.


About kelley715

Soon to be divorced (again) mom to two and grandma to a special little peanut. Trying to figure out what I'm doing, where I'm going and how to make it through life.
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