I am an almost middle-aged mom to a beautiful daughter who is going off to college in a few weeks, we hope. I will refer to her as Lil’ Wicked from time to time. For many, many reasons. My handsome son just turned 16. He is Angel Boy because his pure hearted love for his family. I also have a 27-year-old stepson and daughter-in-law who have gifted us with 3 amazing grandchildren. My husband is a Nurse Practitioner working on his doctorate (I am going to be a doctor’s wife!). I work full time for the county I live in as a medical typist ( see also: ward clerk, secretary, receptionist, all around know-where-everything is woman at the big station out in the hall) I like it. Mostly. Somedays are better than others, but that is life.

I am suffered from severe, intractable depression for 17 years. I have been on all the meds, sometime more then once and sometimes more then one at a time (always under doctor’s advise and direction).

I write because I can’t not do it. I have been writing a book for 15 years I hope to publish it before I die. So far, it doesn’t look good.

I am a Ladies Home Journal Beauty Ambassador. Which I am excited about and would love to be brand ambassadors for other things.

So that’s me. In a nutshell.


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