I am middle-aged, twice divorced mom of two adult kiddos and 2 grandbabies. Life is complicated.

I’m opinionated, sarcastic, sometimes bitchy, and a deep thinker. I’ve been to hell and back, so I have stories to tell.

I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder (major…go big or go home, I guess). It is currently in ‘partial remission’ according to my doctors notes. (that’s…..odd).

I had my kids at 20 and 22 with my first husband. Who was, and is, a sad little evil man who is now trying to make right with his maker because he is slowly killing himself. I have not talked to him in over 15 years,

I was married to my second husband half my life, almost. Our marriage simply imploded when he realized that I wanted a life of my own, and his control over me was fading. I have since come to realize (through therapy and, ya know, Pinterest post) that he was a narcissist and maybe even a sociopath. But he was and still is a broken man inside, so he can happily live his new life he created with a new baby. He will be 73 when that kid graduates. Karma, my man, karma.

I have a job I love, and a pretty boring life. But my two grandkids keep things hoping.

I like to write. I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. It’s getting it out of my head that is the problem. I’m working on that.


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