100 Things

I have seen on some other blogs that I enjoy, a list of 100 things about the writer, so I am going to write 100 things about me. I am going to try to break it up into 25 things at a time in by category. We’ll see how far I get.

Things I hate:

1. Spiders.

2. Deep water.

3. Heights.

4. Bridges.

5. Big bridges over deep water. (I’m talking to you, Chesapeake Bay Bridge. And Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel).

6. Rodents.

7. People who mispronounce common, every day words. (Prescription=subscription, etc)

8. Snow.

9. Any weather below 50 degrees. (and where I live, it’s below 50 degree like 9 months out of the year. I hate where I live).

10. Tomato sauce.

11. Seafood that has eyes on it. I like my seafood deep-fried and therefore, unrecognizable as seafood.

12. Finding a really cute pair of shoes at the store and finding out they don’t have it in your size.

13. Poor customer service. I’m very vocal about it. I have gotten free meals by telling a manager about the waitress who spent all her time flirting with the frat guys at the next table and taking 35 minutes just to take our drink order. I have also walked out of places.

14. I hate waiting. I have no patience. I want instant gratification.

15. When my digital cable skips and starts scrambling up for not reason. For what I pay? I should have people in my living room doing Shakespeare on the weekend.

16. When my Netflix Blue-Ray disc skips.

17. The biggest thing I hate, and it should have been number 1, but I’m burying it down here, is to see my kids cry. It burns a whole in my heart every time and makes me wanna hurt whoever caused the pain.

18. People who think they try to manipulate me.They usually end up getting laughed at.

19. People who tell me what to do. This is why I am a stay at home now. I was working from home, but got bored with that. One too many overbearing bosses pushed me over the edge so now when someone tries to tell me what to do, well, it’s isn’t pretty.

20. Dogs who bark at anything. Fire whistle, loud motorcycle, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner.

21. I hate doing the laundry. I always forget and leave a load in the washer and have to re-wash it the next day. Ugh.

22. I’m hate trying to save money. I’m really bad at it. I like to spend it. A lot.

23. I hate trying to lose weight. I have lost 50+ pounds in the last two years and would like to lose about 10 more. Ain’t happening so far.

24. I hate people who mess with my kids, for any reason. I have been known to go flying into their school to ambush a principal or a teacher and demand satisfaction. I’m pretty sure I’ve become ‘that’ parent, who when they see my coming, they hide.

25. I hate to see people not take mental illness seriously. It’s not something you can ‘snap out of’.

Things I Love:

26. My kids.

27. My husband. Who is my better half, my safe place, my rock.

28. My family. For all their wild, weird and bizarreness, I love then.

29. Writing. It’s a lot like exercising. You need to be dedicated to get good results.

30. Walking in autumn leaves.

31. Sitting on the pier in Salem, Mass. and watching to boats bob in the harbor.

32. Singing along with any Eagles song, especially when I’m at one of their concerts.

33. Shopping. I love to shop. For anything and everything.

34. My job. Surprisingly. Working in a nursing home can be very trying, but every day is an adventure.

35. I love long, hot baths. I really need a hot tub!

36. I love warm summer nights, sitting on the porch, watching lightening bugs

37. My cat. Sheldon is an odd cat, but I love that Bombay cat to death.

38. My dog. Ok, dogs. Spike and Ellie. They make me laugh.

39. My house. We were married in it. Our kids grew up in it. It’s home.

40. My car. My giant, boat of a car. I’m in love with the seat warmers, especially when it’s -20 degrees out!

41. Godiva chocolate. Seriously. Just. I can’t even.

42. Star gazer lilies. Perfect, amazing. The smell.

43. Lilacs. I have a bunch of different bushes growing around my house. The smell in the spring is heavenly.

44. Knowing that my mom is proud of me.

45. A full moon on a warm night.

46. A good book and a free weekend to devour it

47. Clark shoes. Love them, my feet love them. Everyone wins.

48. Slot machines. So fun.

49. Chicken. I have yet to find a type of chicken I don’t like.

50. My Temperpedic bed. A God-send. Worth every cent we paid.


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